Bata Grasshopper (1946)
by Donald Brun

This rare poster from 1946 shows the skilled hand of this master artist. This stunning poster by Donald Brun is an advertisement for a sneaker, transformed into an Object Poster masterpiece, with eye-popping super-realism, vibrant color, and an explosively dramatic composition built on the diagonals. It is no wonder that this irresistible image was a Swiss Poster of the Year Award winner in 1946.

Donald Brun (* 30 October 1909 in Basel, Switzerland; † 15 August 1999 in Clarens, municipality Montreux) was a Swiss commercial artist, designer, illustrator and photographer. He was particularly well-known for his posters. Donald Brun is considered one of the first Swiss occupational commercial artists. Donald Bruns’ first success as an artist was in 1928 when he won the poster competition of the city of Basel, for his “bath poster”. His work attracted international attention. Donald Brun co-founded the Alliance Graphique International (AGI) in 1952. His posters are characterized by a fine-intimate humor. He worked for companies and brands such as Persil, Gauloise, Bell and Bata. He is considered  one of most successful Swiss commercial artists.